Süssina Stevia Sweetener Products

Süssina Stevia can be used like sugar or artificial sweetener in cold or hot drinks, for sweetening compotes or to sprinkle on your favourite fruits and for many recipes.

The Sweet Craving

Sweetening with absolutely no or with only little calories and as natural as possible … a dream that is shared by many people around the globe. Now, finally the extract of the green South American plant Stevia provides a real alternative for everybody who would like to abstain from sugar or chemical sweeteners.

Suessina Stevia Formula

The Süssina Stevia formula offers a sweetening taste which is ideal for the use in cold or hot drinks, like tea, or for sweetening fruit salads, creams and more.

The Safety of Stevia

DA, EFSA, Schweizer Bundesamt and other international highly respected food control organisations have conformed Stevia to be safe for human consumption. Worldwide more than 150 million people use Stevia daily and the number is continuously growing.

Instantina Quality

The expertise of Instantina is based on over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of sweeteners and the IFS/ISO Quality Systems of Instantina guarantee the quality of the Süssina Stevia brand.