Stevia is a Natural Plant-Extract based Sweetener

Healthy food – healthy life.A healthier lifestyle improves our well-being.Süssina Stevia is the new alternative for a natural low calorie diet.

Burning calories is a physical strain, whereas avoidingcalories is much easier. Each teaspoon of sugar means approximately 20 calories without any additional nutritional value.Süssina Stevia powder, portioned in 1g sticks, tastes similar to sugar but it has only about 18% of the calories. This percentage of calories comes from the natural ingredient dextrose. Dextrose is characterised as all natural and provides bulk to the Stevia stick product. The Süssina Stevia tablet products offer, with just 0,06 kcal per tablet, a virtually calorie-free consumption of Stevia sweetness.

Benefits of Stevia

  the Stevia extract is drawn from the
natural Stevia plant leaves

  the Stevia extract itself is calorie free
  it has no negative effect on the teeth